Guides & Tutorials to Get Your Best Yard Ever!

Here on BLS we have begun publishing overview guides that cover everything you can think of on a single high level topic.

Below you’ll see the guides we have published so far. I hope you find them helpful and interesting to read.

The Best Time to Plant Grass Seed – Ever wonder when you can or should plant grass seed? In this guide I cover a ton of common questions on the topic of sowing grass seed and caring for it once it’s on the ground. There is a lot to say on this subject – much more than you may realize.

The BLS Trampoline Buyer’s Guide – Buying a trampoline can be as simple as heading down to your local big bix store in the Spring and picking up whatever they have in stock but there’s so much more to getting the right trampoline for your yard than taking the only option available. Check out our guide to finding the right one and learning how to maintain it!

The BLS Buyer’s Guide to Garden Hoses – Garden hoses are simple to imagine but once you start thinking about the specifics of their use, durability, size, and material then they can start to get complicated. Some hoses are perfect for use right next to thee house but if you want to run a sprinkler system off of one or want to hook one up to the veggie patch then things get a bit complicated. Start here to learn more than you realized was possible about the basic garden hose.