How Do Oscillating Sprinklers Work?

How Do Oscillating Sprinklers Work

At one point or the other, if you look at oscillating sprinklers, you’re bound to wonder about this. In fact, in order to understand between two kind of sprinklers perfectly, such as the differences between the oscillating and the impact sprinklers, it is important to understand how each of them actually works.

Well, fear not, because here at Best Lawn Sprinkler, we are going to solve this for you today. If you want to understand how the oscillating sprinkler actually works, please carry on with this article. We hope you’d be able to understand how it works and how some minor problems can be taken care of.

How does an Oscillating Sprinkler work?

Well, the first thing that we have to understand is how it works. Well, it works on a very simple mechanism. The Oscillating sprinkler, obvious has a sprinkling part, an aluminum tube, that ‘oscillates’. However, the mechanism that makes it oscillate isn’t exactly well known.

What happens is that there is a cam that connects the sprinkler to the rest of the body. This heart-shaped cam lets it move in the required way allowing it to throw water up to a certain distance.

Based on the effectiveness of an oscillating sprinkler, it might so appear that it has a very complex mechanism, but that is not the case. It simply works based on the cam (which you might compare to a hinge for a door) making it a really simple mechanism and ensuring durability based on quality, making it one of the best types of lawn sprinklers available for sale today.

Does the Oscillating sprinkler get stuck?

Yes, the Oscillating sprinkler gets stuck at times. But there is no reason to be afraid because it might be a pretty common appearance for low end or older models. It might get stuck because of a few reasons which we might discuss here:

  • First of all, check if it’s working, several people think it’s stuck because it doesn’t move when they pull it while it’s not even working, like come on, that’s not even related. At least turn it on and check if it’s serving the purpose the way it’s supposed to, if it doesn’t move still, then you might consider it to be stuck.
  • Secondly, it might be stuck because of a large obstruction. It might so happen that the end is still taped properly after packaging or something. It might also happen that it’s not being able to move because of some internal or external obstruction its facing, do take care of that.
  • And last but not the least, it sometimes so happens that the cam holding the oscillating part together with the rest of it gets damaged, this is one of those scenarios where is is the best idea to not try anything at all by yourself. You should rush it to the professional sprinkler-doctor.

While these might not be able to solve every problem as to why do oscillating sprinklers stop working, it still does cover most of the topic and any problems except these would have one suggested solution, to take it to someone who is specialized about them. This might include sending them back to the company or shop you bought them from. You know, to get a proper replacement (maybe with a charge).

[Please do note that this is for the single adjustment rings. For the oscillating sprinklers that have a dual adjustment ring, two rings control water flow and direction separately, letting you adjust it without any problem. Just select the amount of water you want with the first one (this decide the distance it’s going to cover) and the direction with the other ring.]

How to adjust the Oscillating Sprinkler Head?

You might also wonder as to how you might decide in which direction or how far an oscillating sprinkler is to spray. Well, in such a case as well, you would have to look no further than here.

Basically, an oscillating sprinkler has a dial knob near the end that connects to the hose that provides you with options for this. Generally, you will find three modes there. Let us discuss them in brief now.

  • The first mode is when you select the “right”. It allows you to sprinkle up to a comparatively larger distance in the right side.
  • The second mode that you can choose is the “left”. It’s just the opposite of the earlier mode. Allows you to throw water towards the left over a comparatively larger distance than the next one.
  • Finally, you can choose the “center” or “middle” mode. This is the mode where it throws water in all the directions up to a moderate distance.
  • However, there is a fourth mode. This mode isn’t in the list of three modes because it usually is taken up by selecting nothing. This is the “full” or “automatic” or “natural” mode. This allows you to throw the water in all the directions up to the maximum distance that your model can throw it.

A few final words.

And now, let us conclude this article with a few final words. These words will sum up all that we tried to convey in the article so you can remember it properly. Well, so, first of all, it might so happen one day that you forget about winterizing your sprinkler, leaving it useless at the end of the season.

In such a case, you might go for an oscillating sprinkler, and you must be aware about the way it works and some problems that you might face with it before you decide to go with it. In this list we have described how oscillating sprinklers get stuck and how to deal with them, we have described how you might properly adjust the oscillating sprinkler head, and we have discussed what is the best to do in some potential scenarios.

For the perfect purchase to take place, perfect information on your part is essential. And we here at Best Lawn Sprinkler will keep trying to provide you with that.