Do Sprinklers Really Need to be Winterized?

Do Sprinklers Need to be Winterized

If you are here, you are probably already aware about what winterizing a sprinkler means. However, let us look at it once more to have a clear concept so that we can easily judge weather its worth getting your sprinklers winterized or not.

During the winter there is usually no need for the sprinkler system. This is when the sprinklers should be winterized. Thais means that the water is moved out of the pipes before the winter. This is because if the water freezes in the pipes, the pipes can crack or be damaged.

So, it is important to winterize the sprinkler systems before the water freezes inside the pipe. And the time before it can happen, the last month before the actual cold sets in is when it should be done.

Why is it important to winterize your sprinklers?

As said earlier, during the winter, the water left in your pipes freezes solid. And if this happens, the pipes start to get damaged because of the pressure the ice exerts on your pressure.

Let us look at it from a scientific perspective for a second, the same amount of ice takes up a larger volume than water. So, when your water will freeze, it will exert pressure on your pipe. This might cause your pipe to get damaged.

Even more delicate parts can get damaged which would imply huge losses over the winter. However, this is overcome only by taking out the water before the winter sets in to freeze it solid. This is just one of the things you have to do to properly take care of your sprinklers and to have them active for a lifetime.

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After the winter?

Now several of you might wonder what happens after the winter, since the system is already filled with air now. Well, this is no problem, an empty pipe is just like a new pipe. Turning on a winterized sprinkler is no different that regularly turning on a sprinkler.

You might see during turning on winterized sprinklers that it’s taking a long time. This might give the impression that it has went out of order. But that is not the case. The water has to fill up to the top before it comes outside. When you usually turn it on, the water is already filled and it starts pouring. But after winterization the whole pipe is empty and is just taking time to fill out.

So, you need not learn anything special about how to turn on sprinkler systems after winter because they just get turned on like regular sprinkler systems, making the process all the more simple.

I’ve heard that it might not want to work?

Several people complain each year about their sprinkler system not working after winter. I touched this point in brief a while ago but we can look it it once again.

Imagine having a filled bottle and pouring more water in it. It would overflow then and there, right? Now imagine an empty bottle and pouring water in it. First, the bottle will fill up and then the water would overflow. This exactly the case here as well.

During winterization, you are taking all the water out of the pipes, leaving them empty. So, when you start it for the first time after winter, the pipes have to fill up with water again before the water coming out. Depending on the length of your pipe, this might take quite a while. Several people think that their sprinkler systems have gone out of order because of how long this takes.

It can be said with confidence that if done properly, winterization reduces the chances of damage to your pipe and sprinkler over the winter, there is no chance for it to damage it any further except in cases if it has been mishandled.

Another possibility is that when you are trying to turn it on after winter, the ice at the source still hasn’t melted and so no water is coming out. If you can, you must make sure that the water source has melted because otherwise there is no way for you to get water on the other end.

So once again… is it a good idea to winterize it?

Given the fact that the place where you live has winter in its truest sense (if there is snow and frost in the winter there), then yes. This is not only a good idea but also a very important thing to do if you want to keep your pipes in mint condition for long.

If you don’t winterize your sprinklers before winter, the pipes almost certainly would get damaged. We have already taken a look about why might be a sprinkler system not working after winter. So, we can easily say that winterizing your sprinkler is not a good idea but a grand idea.

It is one of your duties to take proper care of your things and taking proper care of your sprinkler involves winterizing it before the winter in places where there is a fixed ‘winter’. So, it is indispensable to winterize your sprinkler before winter sets in because that is when sprinklers should be winterized.

Finally, a list of what winterization provides you with:

So, at the end of the day, let us look clearly at the things that winterization provides us with:

  1. Your sprinkler’s pipe would not be damaged.
  2. There would be no chance for delicate parts to be damaged.
  3. Pressure inside the pipe or the sprinkler would not damage your setup.
  4. Although it might cost a little, the amount it saves you if done properly pays up for more than it, making it a really sensible option.